Welcome to the Mills of Berkelland.

The town of Berkelland has 4 windmills and 3 watermills.
Access is free.

 Desterlogo Geesteren: Molen 'de Ster' 
Built in 1859, usually open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Various types of flour are sold 
DHMNeedelogo Neede 'De Hollandsche Molen' 
Built in 1926, the mill has no fixed opening hours, the aim is to have the mill open on Saturday. 
markerAgneta Ruurlo 'Agneta' 
Built in 1851, the mill is open all week, but on Saturdays there is sawn on the wind by volunteers.

Rekken 'Piepermolen' 

Built in 1796, the mill is open on Saturday afternoon. 
markermallum Mallum (Eibergen) 'De Mallumschemolen' 
Built in 1748, the mill is open on Saturday, flour is sold. 
markerborculo Borculo has 2 watermills:  
De Olliemolle: Built in the 18th century, decorated as a corn mill
De Stenentafel:  Built in the 18th century, decorated as a corn mill.
These mills: are arranged as Restaurant, the viewing of the mills is only possible in consultation with the restaurant owner.

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