A few more particulars about the windmill:

The Star was originally built in 1859. On the beard of the mill is the year 1856, but this is the year that was
commissioned to build. Not completely clear who gave the order. G. HiLhorst was now deceased; presumably
it was his widow, Berendina Hagens, or son Jan Hilhorst. The latter took the mill of his mother in 1861 about
The mill would remain until 1916 owned by the family Hilhorst.

The history of this mill is moved: Star in his Life up to three times and burned it in 1866, 1900 and 1902, each
time to rack height In all cases, the mill was rebuilt
In 1916 the mill was bought by A. Scholten; this ground here until 1960. After that Star back into the hands
of the Hilhorst family; This would eventually sell the mill in 1977, the (former) municipality Borculo.

The mill had a cast-iron upper shaft, origin unknown in 1916; This was a wooden one present On that
occasion was one rod zelfzwichting applied; would later provide this rod is also a streamlined nose.

In 1943 the mill was spared a fourth catastrophe came when during a dogfight fire. The Locals knew handedLy
put out the fire with buckets of water. In 1943 broke the outer rod (due to the dogfight?). The inner rod (with
zelfzwichting) then had to do only until 1959. In that year there was a major restoration which includes the
system Ten Have was applied (instead of zelfzwichting) and of course, a new outer rod.

In 1966, to the fury of mill and building authorities, practically demolished the ongoing work of the mill, to
make way for a silo. This request of the former owner. Millwright Ten Have, who performed the job, then got
punishment' for a long time not to mill restorations more jobs.

In 1977 the mill was sold to the municipality Borculo, which commissioned a major restoration in the years
1979/80. There was, on the upper wheel dating from after 1903, a whole new depth work. The system Ten
Have was canceled again and the mill was Old Dutch opgehekt.

On May 7, 1980 followed the commissioning times as skilled mill. There is regular fodder ground for a
company that sponsors the mill.