Description of the windmill
Type: Roundbrick smock mill witch a stage
Build: 1926
Function: Grain mill
Stage: Made out of wood with wooden posts of about 4.00 meters that is 13.20 feet
Cap: Made out of wood covered with thatch.
Sails: IIronrods, made by Groot Wesseldijk from Laren, The inner and the outer rods are streamlined. Van Bussel from Weert has taken care of that. Ten Have from Vorden has supplied the inner rods with brake flaps.
Lenght of sails: 26 meters or 28.6 yards
Tailpole: Wooden with capstan wheel.
Entrance: Height 4.00 meters or 13.20 feet.
Diameter 9.28 / 8.30 meters or 30.60 / 27.40 feet.
There are two drive-in gates
First floor
Stone and  Height 4,50 meters or 14.80 feet.
grindloft as well as stage floor: One will find casing with stones on this floor. The casing with stones is driven by spurwheel and quant.
Second floor
Hoistattic: Height 4.85 or 16.00 feet
Third floor
Topattic: Height luffinggear 1.75 meters or 5.80 feet.
Shaft: Castiron, length 5.80 meters or 19.1 feet. Manufactured by: Foundry “De Prins van Oranje” from the Hague # 989 in 1875
Brake: Flemish blockbrake operated with brake lever.