A few more particulars about the windmill:

There used to be early 17th century post mill in this location. A storm on Aug. 10, 1925 destroyed the mill. The association "De Hollandsche Molen" then built the present-day mill; a smock mill with a stage. On March 3, 1927 the provincial governor of Gelderland officially presented the mill to the association This windmill reminds one very much of the brick poldermill we find in the province of Zuid Holland.

Two memorial plaques are set in the wall next to the entrance. Here follows a free translation of the words on the plaques:

Millers depend on wind,
but a fierce storm destroyed me, the first mill.
However, I recived a second life.
I used to be made of wood,
now I’m mostly built from bricks.


Destroyed by cyclone on Aug. 10, 1925.
Rebuilt by the association
"De Hollandsche Molen"
aided by the National Supportcommittee "Stormramp".
Builder A.J. and L. Dekker at Hazerswoude/Moerkapelle.

Started operation on Jan. 1927

On the beard we read:

ANNO 1926

On the shield in the back it says:


Restoration took place in 1952.
Another restoration took place in 1975

The mill "De Hollandsche Molen" is situated north of the town Neede on an area called "De Needse Berg".

The mill is still in working order. If is milling grain for the bakeries. Not quite as often as it used to in olden days, but still regularly.
Voluntary millers operate the mill. They are on location every Saturday.

When the mill is working, you are more then welcome to come in. Entrance is free of change.

More information is available by phone at the town hall of Neede +31 545